10 Reasons Why This Celebrity Stylist from New York…

10 Reasons Why This Celebrity Stylist from New York…

Did you always dream of GORGEOUS hair the likes of Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston and even Ariana Grande

but always gets disappointed because your stylist just can’t achieve the same style?

Well, be disappointed no more with the arrival of Celebrity Colourist CK Karkhanis!

Previously a senior colourist at the premiere New York salon Sharon Dorram Sally Hershberger, CK cultivated a strong reputation and clientele in the exclusive Upper East Side of Manhattan. She became one of the most sought after colorists who was awarded Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty for hair color in San Francisco; top 18 by sf.racked.com and Best Balayage by 7×7 magazine.

With over a decade of color experience, CK honed her craft to capture the essence of each woman’s personality and style.

No fancy pinks, purples, blues or galaxy in her portfolio as she uses authentic balayage technique upon your natural hair colour for a stunning hair canvas that will last for months!

We’re seldom SO bowled away by any single stylist but CK is seriously one of those special gems we can’t help raving about.

Don’t believe us? Read on for her awesome hair creations and the 10 reasons why we think CK is the Undisputed Queen of Balayage in Singapore.


1. The placement of each highlight is pure magic 

Hailing from an exclusive celebrity salon in Manhattan and San Francisco, CK brings fresh style and POV to hair colour.

To her, what makes hair beautiful is not the quantity of highlights but the exact placement to bring out your best.

She lives by the 3 Cs – Customize, Contrast and Contour.

CK chooses the hair sections to bleach in such a way that brings out the greatest contrast to contour and flatter your skin colour and face shape.


Doesn’t the highlight above look ABSOLUTELY gorgeous?

As we said, PURE MAGIC!


2. Her Colour Correction is Simply… Brilliant!

Some stylists can achieve beautiful hair colours because they start from an easy canvas – virgin natural hair that has not been bleached or coloured before. For CK, it doesn’t matter what your hair looks like before.

Your hair can have the most hideous ombre line and CK will still be able to salvage it and give you that celebrity-worthy hair makeover with her signature balayage, babylights and highlights.


3. She knows subtlety between blonde and bronde

To most stylists in Asia, any light colour or bleached section of hair is blonde.

Blondes or brunettes in the US, Europe or Australasia would tell you… that is SO WRONG. There are SO MANY shades of blondes, you really need to have the experience to understand the difference between a cooler vs warmer blonde or even the subtleties between blonde and bronde.

Of course, that is not a problem for CK at all given that she spent most of her career in New York achieving these colours for her customers.


Her colour is so on point, her phone has been ringing nonstop for appointments ever since she was discovered by some American expats in Singapore!


4. A rare gem of a stylist that does platinum blonde perfectly

It’s one thing to do highlights, but it’s another to do a perfect platinum blonde. Bleaching a whole head of hair is tough because of the hair history and different processing time. To get rid of all the pre-existing colours without damaging the hair too much requires some serious skill.

While her skills certainly play a part, her stash of colours is another reason why CK is one of the few who can achieve platinum blonde so effortlessly. Her experience in New York and San Francisco allowed her to curate her own collection of hair colours and products which include a much wider variety of cool colour shades not often seen in Singapore.

You don’t have to go all platinum though. CK revels in placing platinum balayage at just the right places even for brunettes looking to change it up!


5. It’s a REAL balayage

A lot of stylists in Singapore SAY that they are doing balayage but few are actually utilizing the right technique. CK’s signature balayage technique is actually giving the roots ultra fine surface painted highlights blending to heavily saturated color on ends for the most natural and bright sunkissed effect.

This technique ensures that the final look is soft and seamless, requiring lower maintenance; all you have to do is to layer additional balayage pieces as hair grows out without needing to redo the whole head.

Second Balayage at La Source Hair

That’s why all her customers find that her hair looks more and more beautiful over time as she layers on the balayage pieces, adding texture and dimension.

It isn’t just balayage she is good at. As CK used to do colour trend spotting for L’Oréal, she’s always on top of new techniques and hot looks of the year such as color gradience where highlights fuse from darker to lighter in the same shade family… so prepared to be surprised and wowed each time!


6. Colours can last up to 6 months or more

We can tell you honestly that CK doesn’t come cheap.

Ladies are however willing to shell out hundreds of bucks for her because her colours can actually last 6 months or more!

Nope we are not joking.

Thanks to her balayage technique, you wouldn’t see a delineated line even when your hair grows out.

That’s probably why busy professional and working moms drag as long as 6 months to come by because that’s how long their hair still looks good.

So yep, her long lasting colour makes her service especially value for money!


7. You’ll be in and out of the salon within 3 hours, sometimes 2.

CK’s skills are already pretty darn amazing, but to make the deal sweeter, she’s also speedy. When you go for a bleaching process, it’s not uncommon to have to sit in the salon for hours – anywhere from 2 to 5 and 6 to 10 if it’s a big project. But with CK, the minimal highlights are done so you can be in and out within 3 hours… sometimes 2!

Obviously, this can change depending on your hair length and amount of bleach, but CK is an advocate for more natural looking hair so she never goes over the top just to earn an extra buck.


8. Her styling is ah-mazing

Your hair can look stunning but no one will doubletap if your hair is styled and photographed poorly. That won’t be the case with CK; she ends every colour session with a tousled blowout that makes you look effortlessly hot.

So flip out your phones and get ready for that Instagrammable photo right after her colour!


9. You’ll walk out looking like a Hollywood star

Working from her experience with real Hollywood stars, CK can recreate her Hollywood hairstyles on all her customers. Yours included!

Red carpet looks might be fun and all, but CK will create a sexy look that isn’t over the top and high maintenance.

Your hair will look like a celebrity, with a “I woke up like this” touch.

Who doesn’t want to look like they just rolled out of bed looking that gorgeous?


10. She brings you to New York each time you go to her

This charismatic stylist isn’t just good at what she does, she’s incredibly fun to talk to and be around. You can count on her to give you one or two ideas about your hair but on top of that, you can talk to her about anything under the sun as CK is super smart, friendly, knowledgeable and easy to get along with. (Did we tell you that she was previously an Investment Banker? Crazy right?)

So expect to make a friend out of CK as she brings New York to you.

Can you believe she’s a mom? She looks super youthful and trendy! This is her fixing her own highlights at home under a tight schedule!


Where to Find Her

We uncovered this extremely talented colourist at luxury hair salon La Source Hair Salon in Orchard.

We foresee that her appointment book will be full once Beauty Undercover readers find out about her… so don’t wait too long!

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