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Don’t you ever wish that with just a flick of a magic wand, presto! Your beauty woes are fixed instantly. That’s how over the moon I feel when I found La Source Spa – my personal fairy godmother for all things holistic living. Located just off Orchard Road, this day spa is one such haven where I can truly become the ultimate #beautyinspo while saving time without the hassle.

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Upon entering the premise, I was immediately welcomed with a calming whiff of their unique lavender scent that sets the mood of the space. Together with the luxurious decor, amiable staffs and tranquil warm lighting, sipping a cup of coffee while catching up on my favourite reads pre-treatment has become my personal version of pure bliss.

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If they say eyes are the windows to the soul, our brows and hairline are the frames to our face. I was introduced to embroidery specialist, Lina Zhang who was attentive to my every need. Professionally trained in Korea, Lina has designed for international stars and was recently voted “Most Outstanding” by industry veterans in the judges’ category of a Korean beauty convention. With such an astounding portfolio, it is always reassuring to know and hear that such a vital part of my face structure is left in the hands of a skilled professional.

During the consultation, I expressed to her my beauty concerns, and also what I hoped to achieve for my brows and hairline. From my conversation with the experienced maestro, I realised that having well-groomed brows and hairline that enhance our features are a common goal among most ladies. Better if it is not a hassle to maintain because we sure all love convenience!

Lina perfectly understood what my problems were and explained to me how she can bring balance and proportion to my brows via the 6D Eyebrow Embroidery technique. If you have heard about 3D and 4D embroideries, 6D is the successor. Which also meant that the strokes are much THINNER and FINER and able to realistically give the appearance of real hair! Lina then tweaked, shaped and drew my brows according to her recommendation and got me to check a few times (meticulous indeed!) before finalizing on her design.

After addressing the brows, we moved on to hairline. I’ve been through the process before, so only a touch up is required. However, Lina did advise it’s not recommended for oily scalp, as the pigment won’t last. Thankfully for me, I don’t fall in that category! I love how it takes years off the face as parting the tresses for a long period of time can make the hairline uneven. With hairline embroidery, it easily reduces the visual effect of thinning hair and receding hairlines. How awesome is that?

Now, are you curious? Let me talk you through the process.

6D Eyebrow Embroidery Process

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The first step is the most crucial – allowing a generous amount of topical numbing cream to set in for 20 to 25 minutes in order to minimize discomfort and pain. I am Crayon Shin-Chan, and feeling good about it!

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Next, Lina carefully blends the all-natural botanical pigments to get the most appropriate shade for me (colour customization is achievable even if you’re blonde!) The micro blade that she uses is also new for each of her clients so you don’t have to worry about hygiene or cross-contamination.

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Like a stroke of genius, every light feathering movement she makes is miniscule and the pain is negligible. The pigment was then left to set on the epidermis area for another 20 minutes before Lina makes her final touches and assessments. Over time, the brows will fade naturally to its original colour to simulate real growing hair instead of the reddish or bluish hue of the past, all thanks to La Source Spa’s state of the art technique.

The After-Care

Can I wash my face as per normal? Yes, you can! It only takes 3 days for the scab on the brows to peel off to unveil more defined eyebrows.

Do I need to touch up? Touch ups are recommended once every 3 months. The results can last up to a year!

How much does it cost? The 6D Eyebrow Embroidery starts from $1188.

Hairline Embroidery Process

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Similar to the brows, numbing cream is gently lathered onto the hairline for the same amount of time.

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Lina then begins the embroidering process by creating fine hair-like strokes on my scalp, filling in visible gaps to mimic the appearance of thicker hair. A little does go a long way! You won’t feel a thing during the whole treatment despite the scratching motion and sound; it is incredibly comfortable and that is always a plus. 20 minutes and more touching ups later, a hairline of my dreams is ready.

The After-Care

Can I wash my hair as per normal? It is advisable to only shampoo the hair after the third day of post-treatment.

Do I need to do touch ups? Touch ups are definitely necessary to ensure that you’re looking your best. It is recommended once every 3 months! Unlike most places, La Source Spa offers 2 free touch ups within a year.

How much does it cost? The Hairline Embroidery starts from $1388.

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Crazy how embroidery can improve one’s looks, right? I love to look made-up yet still immaculate even if I’m in a rush. Subtle, noticeable differences with NO side effects and downtime indeed. Plus, it helps that you get that extra time to yourself in the morning while your brow and hairline game remains on fleek.

Here’s to us ladies looking prettier!

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