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                                      Achieve Inner Balance of Mind, Body and Soul 

                                 with the latest La Ritual Massage Therapy

For immediate release – 1 July 2019

SINGAPORE, 1 July 2019 – Ancient health practitioners from the East believed that good health
comes from a balance between our five elements of wood, earth, fire, metal and water.
Inspired by the philosophy of this law of nature, La Source Spa has created a blissful new massage,

La Ritual, which relieves and relaxes tense bodies and minds by respecting and understanding
these natural elements. This rejuvenating full body massage is tailored to restore balance and
achieve harmony in the body while refreshing the spirits.

Presented with a choice of five custom blended elements massage oil, balance seekers may
select their preference for their treatment during this therapeutic spa experience and enjoy the
rhythmic strokes and from head to toe.

Our experienced and skilful therapists will provide deep tissue massage techniques that work
on the body’s pressure points to relax and loosen knots and strains. In just 90 minutes,
tightness and tension are relieved to help the body and spirit achieve a balance of vital energy
(known as ‘Chi’).

                   Designed for balance seekers, La Ritual restores one’s natural equilibrium with respectful strokes

                 performed with the luxurious five elements massage oil.

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Leave those worldly cares behind when you step into a La Ritual massage session to
experience three stages of massage and detoxification:

Deep tissue massage with medium to strong deep pressure strokes to deliver
customised amount of pressure to the inner layers of muscles and connective tissue.
Focuses on key pressure points to ease chronic muscle pain and loosen muscles, while
restoring ease of movement.
Lymphatic drainage to detoxify and purify the fatigued body and improve circulation so
that waste and toxins are eliminated speedily from the body.
Rest and relax after your soothing experience, sip on a cup of hot ginger tea and take
the time to soak in the uplifting of your senses.

La Ritual

60mins @$138 | 90mins @$198
Recommended for: Balance Seekers

Drawing  inspiration  from  a  respectful  ritual,  the  La  Ritual
massage  experience  brings  you  perfect  tranquillity.  As
tension  is  kneaded  away  by  the  therapeutic  touch  of  a
therapist,  let  your  body,  mind  and  spirit  transform  from
frazzled  to  calm.  Regain  the  serenity  of  peace  as  you
emerge  from  a  composed  state  of  consciousness  to  face
the world anew.

Rediscover inner balance with the 5 elements massage oils

Experience our unique proprietary blend of rich and luxurious natural oils that will warmly nourish your skin

with each massage stroke. Select one of the elements massage oil that most pleases your senses:

Wood Massage Oil
Enhancing  balance,  improving  the





tension;  lifting  moods  and  senses  to
invigorate  with  a  renewed  lease  of

Earth Massage Oil
Stimulating circulation to offer anti-

cellulite benefits, relieving
bloatedness; calming the tired mind
and body to improve mental clarity
and sense of security.

Fire Massage Oil
Offering  warmth  while  detoxifying  by

increasing  blood  circulation;  boosting
self-esteem  and  love  energy  by
balancing the mind and spirit.

Water Massage Oil
Relieving  muscular  aches,  improving

the  respiratory  system  to  calm  active
minds;  supporting  mental  clarity  and
boosting confidence.

Metal Massage Oil
Exuding  anti-inflammatory  and  anti-aging

benefits and simultaneously improving the
nervous  system;  diffusing  a  sense  of
security  to  regulate  both  physical  and
emotional states.

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About La Source Spa
As the purveyor of holistic wellness services and products, La Source Spa believes in

bringing the mind, body and soul to a renewed state of peace and restored inner balance.
We embrace the philosophy of natural beauty enhancement from within by incorporating
ingredients that have been extracted and purified directly from nature’s bounty. We strive to
offer you a tranquil retreat to relax and unwind. Our extensive range of luxury beauty and
wellness services includes premium hair treatments, facial treatments, skin care treatments,
hair salon services, prenatal massages, eyebrow embroidery and more, all of which can be
personalised to meet individual needs.

We are located at:

15 Scotts Road, Thong Teck Building
Singapore 228218
Contact: +65 6732 1318

For media enquiries, kindly contact:

Daniel Quek
+65 8112 9138





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