La Prenatal

Pregnancy comes with a huge range of aches and discomfort. The La Prenatal is a perfect treat for the expecting mothers. The massage incorporates slow strokes to help you ease the swelling of your hands and feet, prevent water retention, and relieve muscle tension and pain.

60min @ SGD$158 

Prenatal Breast Therapy

Our Prenatal Breast Therapy helps to rejuvenate a mother’s body and raise her mood. This massage begins at the arms, shoulders and neck area to relieve soreness and tiredness from the weight of the growing baby, followed by a back massage to soothe muscle tension and to relax the spinal area. Following this, a lymphatic drainage facial helps to detox, remove water retention and reduce swelling, puffiness and blotchy skin. The therapy ends with a breast massage that helps to relieve breast engorgement and stimulate better milk flow for breastfeeding. It also moisturises and soothes sore nipples and keeps them from drying and cracking.

45min @ SGD$138 

Postnatal Breast Therapy

Our Postnatal Breast Therapy begins with a breast massage to help breastfeeding mothers relax their muscles, which naturally helps to lower stress hormones, increase blood circulation and decrease swelling. This helps reduce engorgements and increase breast milk supply as the blocked ducts are cleared. A breast mask is then applied to ease and soothe any discomfort caused by lactation. The therapy ends with a face and head massage to relieve stubborn headaches and migraines, ease tiredness and promote relaxation to enhance sleep quality.

45min @ SGD$138 

Wellness Breast Therapy

A luxurious and soothing breast therapy that will benefit every woman. The Wellness Breast therapy begins with an upper back massage to improve blood circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, ease aches and relieve tension. Underarm and breast massage follows, to encourage blood circulation, detoxification, lymphatic drainage and breast firmness. A breast care mask is then applied to nourish and brighten the skin of the breasts.

60min @ SGD$198

La Womb Therapy

Our La Womb Therapy is a noninvasive and therapeutic massage treatment that works on the abdomen and the womb. It helps to encourage blood circulation, relieves congestion, releases muscle spasms, reduces cramping, tones abdominal muscles, promotes hormonal balance and improves bladder incontinence. Following the special massage, a ginger wrap on the abdomen is applied to draw excessive ‘wind’ out from the body, relieve muscle aches, stimulate blood circulation and leave a soothing warm sensation on the skin.

The La Womb therapy is also strongly recommended for ladies with irregular menstruation or those suffering from PMS cramps.

60min @ SGD$168 

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