Top 4 Tips for a Bikini Body This Summer

Top 4 Tips for a Bikini Body This Summer

Summer is here, time to shed the layers and go skimpy in Singapore’s unbearable heat. What’s more important to being able to confidently strut that two piece swim suit in a body to die for? Yet still the struggle to melt those bulges seems to be a common woe with most.

La Source believes that health is always wealth, and doing it right will not only give you a body to die for, but a healthy glow that will make your peers envious. Here are our top 5 tips for eating your way into a svelte bikini body.



Skipping meals is the number 1 no no in healthy dieting. Contrary to belief that skipping your meals make you feel skinny, skipping meals is counterproductive. Think of the fat as food reserves in an apocalyptic world. When you are fasting and low on blood sugar, your body breaks down fat into glucose. After a long period of skipping meals your body will start to store more fat whenever you have heavy meals. This is so you have stored energy in preparation for the next long period that you go without food aka your apocalyptic rainy day. (Yes its nature’s way of trying to protect you). Going without food causes insulin to become less effective which promotes the formation of fat.

Do: Eat small meals frequently to keep your insulin levels in check to prevent fat production.



Drinking sufficient fluids not only detoxifies your body, it might help you lose weight. Water retention contributes to a significant amount of weight in most people. The most common reason for this is a diet high in salt. Yes, salt causes water retention, and the solution to this is to drink more water. Drinking water flushes sodium. Drinking water before meals also contributes to satiety which prevents overeating.

Do: Drink 8 glasses of water a day, 1 glass of water on waking up every morning and before meals.



If you don’t already know by now, fruits and vegetables are high in fibre which promotes satiety. It keeps you full for a longer period of time and contributes to less calories as they are more prone to pass through your system. This means less stomach space for all the junk food you crave for. Pick fruits that are high in fibre and low in glycemic index (GI). GI is a measurement on how foods impact our blood sugar level. A low GI means that the food does not increase the blood sugar much on digestion.

Do: Pick low GI fruits such as asparagus, grapefruit and kiwi. Have 2 servings for fruits and vegetables. This means 2 mugs of fresh uncooked vegetables and 2 slices of big fruits such as watermelon or 2 whole small fruits a day such as apples and pears.



On top of your dieting, it doesn’t harm to cheat a little with La Source’s in-house contour sculptors. The cutting edge technology uses combines Pulse Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) together with multi polar Radio Frequency (RF) to break down fat, shaping and contouring whilst also lifting and firming your skin tone. It also comes with a relaxing lymphatic drainage massage, a boosted efficacy towards your dieting efforts. Just choose the body part and design your curves. It will be your little secret, we promise we won’t tell.

Do: Call 67321318 for an appointment. Lie back and relax in the hands of our experts.


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