We have a comprehensive 360-degree approach to beauty and wellness, knowing that many factors play important roles in a person’s wellbeing.

In addition to expert massage services, we also offer highly-effective facials, hair treatments and styling, body contouring and skin firming, energy readings and relaxation therapies, eyebrow embroidery and more.

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La Source understands that every individual’s skin is different and we embrace your uniqueness with customised and holistic treatments that are best suited for your skin’s needs and sensitivities. Using our pampering yet potent INNI skin products, our facials are highly effective and are exceptional beauty treatments.


The skin is a gateway to the state of your overall well-being. Regardless of gender, a person who is in the pink of health, this will be reflected in the smooth, blemish-free complexion of the skin. There are facials catering to cleanse pores and also more tailored facial treatments like to brighten the skin tone or to tighten the skin.

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Melt away your tension and tight muscles with our therapeutic body massages. Whether you prefer a gentle soothing massage or a strong deep tissue one, you’ll find your perfect match here and reach the blissful state of relaxation in our tranquil sanctuary.


Our state-of-the-art Venus machine uses radio frequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields to safely and effectively breaks down fat cells, helping to reduce, tone and tighten your contours. It is one of the most advanced devices proven to tighten skin and even reduce cellulite and has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a safe and effective treatment.

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Our hair stylists and experts are not only highly receptive to your needs and requirements but also committed to delivering world class hair treatment services that have been tailor made to your individual specifications.

Ever since its inception over a decade ago back in 2007, La Source Hair has been striving to create stunning hair masterpieces that would make heads turn your way. In addition to staying on top of the latest trends in the market, we also endeavor to provide natural nourishment to your gorgeous hair from within.


Sparse, thin brows? Untidy uneven ones? Let our expert eyebrow artists shape and fill in your brows for a polished, glamorous look. Our semi- permanent eyebrow “embroidery” will save you time on make-up and enhance your facial features.

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