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    The 4-Step Daily Skincare Routine for Youthful Skin
    Skin gradually loses its elasticity as we get older, leading to fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Dry, dull and rough skin can also be an unwelcome part of the ageing process. While there are many expensive treatments available for those wanting to keep their youthful looks as long as possible, good skincare starts with a daily routine that...
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    Top 4 Tips for a Bikini Body This Summer
    Summer is here, time to shed the layers and go skimpy in Singapore’s unbearable heat. What’s more important to being able to confidently strut that two piece swim suit in a body to die for? Yet still the struggle to melt those bulges seems to be a common woe with most. La Source believes that health is always wealth, and...
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    The Best Beauty Rituals: Let's Face It! - Jamie Chua
    It’s always cliché to start off a post about skincare with “skincare has always been a priority”. Cheesy but true, anyone that knows me knows that I’m a huge advocate of taking care of the most sensitive organ in the body. Skin is truly healthy and luminous when everything comes into balance on the physical and emotional level. I pride...
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    Embroided to Perfection - Jamie Chua
    Don’t you ever wish that with just a flick of a magic wand, presto! Your beauty woes are fixed instantly. That’s how over the moon I feel when I found La Source Spa – my personal fairy godmother for all things holistic living. Located just off Orchard Road, this day spa is one such haven where I can truly...
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    10 Reasons Why This Celebrity Stylist from New York...
    Did you always dream of GORGEOUS hair the likes of Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston and even Ariana Grande but always gets disappointed because your stylist just can't achieve the same style? Well, be disappointed no more with the arrival of Celebrity Colourist CK Karkhanis! Previously a senior colourist at the premiere New York salon Sharon Dorram Sally Hershberger, CK cultivated a strong reputation and clientele...
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