Melt away your tension and tight muscles with our therapeutic body massages. Whether you prefer a gentle soothing massage or a strong deep tissue one, you’ll find your perfect match here and reach the blissful state of relaxation in our tranquil sanctuary.


30mins, 60mins, 90mins | $88, $138, $198 La Source’s deep tissue massage will break up all the knots and tension in your body. Even the tightest muscles will succumb and slip into deep relaxation with the soothing deep strokes. The massage includes lymphatic drainage techniques to help clear waste products and toxins from muscle tissues.


60mins, 90mins | $208, $268 High quality basalt stones that are heated to a comfortable range of 38o to 50o, are gently massaged onto sore muscles to relieve strains. The heat encourages blood circulation to remove toxins from the lymph nodes while soothing sore joints and muscles – your body will thank you for the relief and a good night’s sleep.


30mins, 60mins, 90mins | $88, $138, $198 Our signature aromatherapy massage combines relaxing massage techniques with the use of pure essential oils that enhance both mind and body for complete relaxation. With their very small molecular size, INNI by La Source essential oils penetrate deeply into cells, bringing their protective and healing effects to a deep level.


30mins, 60mins, 90mins | $88, $138, $198Also known as a form of acupressure massage, Shiatsu massage is an ancient Japanese healing method, based on traditional Chinese medicine. It also includes stretches and kneading techniques to improve the range of motion in the joints.


60mins, 90mins | $158, $218Pregnancy can bring a range of aches and discomfort for expecting mums. La Prenatal is a special treat just for expecting mothers. This massage incorporates slow strokes to help you ease the swelling of your hands and feet, prevent water retention, and relieve muscle tension and pain.


30mins | $68 Our head protects one of the key organ in our body – the brain, which controls majority of our bodily functions. Needless to say, having a good blood circulation to the brain is crucial: reduces stress and anxiety, relieves brain fatigue, improves sleep quality and promotes healthy scalp & hair.


30mins | $68 Your abdominal area is the centre of the body and one of the most important areas to maintain for good health. Tension and stress can cause many problems and pains in the stomach and gut—from bloating and cramps to gastric pains and ulcers. That’s why they created this targeted massage—a gentle, soothing yet highly effective massage that will improve circulation, loosen tense muscles and help relieve digestive issues, bloating, constipation and sluggishness. And when your centre is in optimal condition, your whole body will feel fresher and better.


60mins, 75mins, 90mins | $79, $89, $109
Give your tired feet an invigorating massage! Foot reflexology is based on the belief that the body contains constant flowing energy which unites with reflex points on the feet. Our specialized foot reflexology assists in the relief of stress and tension, helps to improve circulation and fosters a restoration of the body’s natural state of equilibrium.


Choose from our menu of add-ons for a more luxurious spa experience.

Stimulates Blood Circulation | Soothes Muscle Soreness | Increases Energy

Cleanse and smooths skin|Improves Blood

Stimulates Vital Flow of Qi | Remove Stagnation |  Provides Quick Pain Relief

Stimulates meridian channels and acupressure points | Relieves chronic pain | Balances your energy (qi)

We all experience stress and tension with long hours working with laptops & mobile phones. The stiffness and pain can radiate from lower back all the way up to the neck. This calming therapy will increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and help release muscle tension around the neck and upper body which will relieve other parts of the body too. Feel your tension and pain melt away and be refreshed and invigorated with this very special massage.