Hair & Scalp

La Source Hair offers specialized hair scalp treatment in Singapore to address all your hair and scalp concerns. Our hair stylists provide quality treatments tailored to your specific hair needs while paying close attention to your preferences.

La Source has been dedicated to creating beautiful hairstyles since its establishment in 2007 over a decade ago. Our team works hard to nourish your hair from the inside out using natural methods.

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120mins | $450

Our gold millet scalp treatment infuses nutrients that nourish the scalp and prevent hair loss. This treatment effectively restores moisture balance, alleviating dryness, and discomfort. Experience the radiance of revitalized hair and a healthy scalp with this treatment for hair loss prevention in Singapore.

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$55 – $198

At La Source, our haircut and styling service offers you a transformation from your usual styles. Our stylists will create a unique look that enhances your natural beauty, leaving you feeling confident and rejuvenated.

Permanent Style Squared


$168 – $398

La Source’s stylists begin with a thorough diagnosis of your hair and scalp before providing personalized treatments that cater to both primary and secondary needs.

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$88 – $268

Our hair colour treatment at La Source can completely transform your appearance. Our team of stylists will select the perfect colour to complement your unique style and personality.

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$98 – $488

La Source’s salon hair treatments are designed to work wonders for all our guests who wish to achieve luscious, healthy, and stylish designer hair.

La Source Hair

Discover The Benefits of Hair & Scalp Treatments

Here at La Source Hair, we provide all sorts of services to complete your dream look, from hairstyling to cutting and even treatment. Are you facing hair loss or is your hair not as healthy as you remember it? Well, we offer hair scalp treatments and hair loss prevention treatments in Singapore. Whether you want to get a fresh cut or maybe just need some styling for an event, we have got you covered.

Korean Haircut In Singapore

At La Source Hair, we offer awesome haircut options. Our experts make sure to tailor your fresh look exactly the way you want it. For the trending Korean haircut, we have an in-house Korean hairstylist in Singapore to give you the best experience. At La Source Hair, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We want you to leave with a fresh cut and a great smile on your face. Our professionals are highly experienced and can help you decide what suits you best as well.

Hair And Scalp Treatments In Singapore

We offer a wide range of options when it comes to treatments. All options are targeted to achieve healthy, luscious, and beautiful hair. We offer six types of treatments:

  1. Cinderella (From $388)
  2. Olaplex (From $98)
  3. Rebonding (From $198)
  4. Cold Perm (From $168)
  5. Volume Rebonding (From $258)
  6. Digital Perm (From $308)

Hair Loss Prevention In Singapore

Hair loss is a widespread and common problem in almost everyone’s life. And going bald or having bald spots is a nightmare for everyone. At La Source Hair, we help you protect your hair for as long as possible. With various treatments available for hair loss prevention in Singapore, we assure you will leave with amazing, designer-looking hair. Whether the cause is thin hair or weak hair, we have a treatment that will surely prevent your hair from falling out anymore.

Natural Scalp Treatments In Singapore

A weak scalp leads to weak hair, which then leads to hair fall and rough hair. With weak and rough hair, no matter how much you style them, they just don’t look right. At La Source Hair, we try to cure the cause to deliver a permanent resolution to your hair problems. The first step to healthy and beautiful hair is to cure the scalp. We offer scalp treatments in Singapore by certified Trichologists. Our trained professional staff have studied hair problems and know exactly what to do to fix them.

Our scalp treatments are designed to use the latest techniques with high-quality natural products with proven efficacy. With such professionals and products, we promise your hair will be in great hands and will be brought back to life. Our natural products help promote the growth of thick and healthy hair. Our trichologists first analyse your scalp and hair with the help of microscopes to find the problem, and then, with the help of steam mist technology, we stimulate your scalp to allow the maximum absorption of active ingredients. This ensures that the applied product reaches the problem. This repairs any damage and reduces the thinning of hair.